👋 This is a product by Stephan Bogner; Independent Software Creator and Designer
URL to image to section in note taking tool

Link preview generator

Link previews like in Telegram/Whatsapp/Notion, but as downloadable images for use in any note taking tool (MacDown, The Archive, Word, etc.)

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Why did I create this tool?

Today, link previews are common – in messengers (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal), team chats (e.g. Slack, Microsoft Teams) or web-based note taking tools (e.g. Notion, Dropbox Paper). Whenever you send somebody a link you get this nice visual summary.

However, I personally heavily use the "Zettelkasten"-approach to note-taking and store all my notes locally as markdown files. I needed an "old fashioned" solution where you generate a preview from a URL/link/website as a normal image file that I can download and store (forever).

This makes it work nicely with plain text or markdown based tools like The Archive, Obsidian, Macdown, iA-Writer. But since the previews are normal images you can use it in any tool (Microsoft Word / Photoshop / whatever you like).

How does it technically work?

The tool accesses the HTML meta tags of the desired website and specifcally the Opengraph tags. It grabs that information, renders it as a .png in the backend and sends it back to the frontend.